About the Author

Having lived with Scottish Terriers for nearly half my life, I feel that we are one and the same. Obviously my very first scottie is no longer physically with me, but I am surrounded by memories of her and it is because of the joy she gave me, that I have remained faithful to this breed.

Every room in my house has scottie memorabilia in it. It has now come to the stage where I am getting very choosy over what scottie based products I buy, as I’ve got plenty of them, as you can imagine. I now only look for unique or unusual pieces to join my collection and sadly that is getting more and more difficult to achieve.

Although nothing really is ever ‘unique’ what I give to my clients is the promise that they will be one of a small handful of people that own a Scotify product. You certainly won’t find my creations on the shelves of the superstores, or mass produced in factories. Often I am only able to produce a single item due to the difficulties of getting hold of the ‘raw materials’. For example my ‘inspired by’ range is made from items me and my scotties come across when walking along the beach – such as drift wood and certain shapes and sizes of shells.