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    Who’s that?

    Who’s that on the grooming table? My Scotties are thankful that it’s not them being groomed today. This is ‘Douglas fir’ a revised version of our Festive Scottie Wall Hanging item. ‘Douglas’ is taking longer than it takes me to groom my own wriggling little scotties. I’ll get him trimmed up nicely in time. Hopefully he’ll be in the Shop soon!  

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    My heart belongs to Scotties

    That’s right,  my heart belongs to scotties. I’ve been designing this little creation, in my head, for some time now but never quite sure just how it would look. The only way to find out was to just ‘do it’ as the saying goes. I was really excited with the finished product, however photographing it was a real problem. This really is a product to be seen in ‘real light’ to experience the 3D effect of the etching. I’m sure though that our customers will not be disappointed once they have this in their homes ready to display. There are more ‘etched’ items awaiting creation – the list is endless…

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    Gold tinsel festive scottie

    After making the green tinsel scottie we decided that a gold festive scottie was required. This was has been made, slightly differently, but still using the same products : tinsel, stiff cardboard and a wooden bead. A rose gold festive scottie will soon be joining them. The most amusing part of these creations, is that the ‘grooming’ of the festive scotties takes as much time as grooming our real home bred scotties. However, the festive scotties don’t wriggle about so much.