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    Douglas Fir

    Let’s welcome “Douglas Fir” to Scotify.dog here at ScarlettScottie. Douglas is made from artificial ‘fir twigs’. He can actually be used on any festive occasion and at the moment is still wearing his Christmas Collar. He’s a ‘work-in-progress’ – but then aren’t we all. You’ll soon see him on display in our Shop, once he’s decided on which attire he’ll be wearing!

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    A new website and shop, www.scarlettscottie.com is in the process of being created. Displaying scottie related or inspired merchandise, we are sure you will enjoy browsing through our pages. Do keep coming back as the site still in it’s ‘puppy-stage’ and for those of us who have bred scotties, you will all understand the teething problems we shall be encountering. But if you stick with us, we hope that you will be well rewarded.