Christmas Glitter Card Red

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Handmade exploding card measuring 10.5cm x 7cm. Extended wings measure 9cm to either side. When standing measurements are 28.5cm wide. 18.2cm high. Depth 14cm. Excepting the raw materials, all products displayed on the card have been hand created.

Each scottie has been hand drawn and cut by us.  Each exploding ‘wing’ is covered with green glitter card and the scotties are wearing red glitter hats. The larger scotties are on red glitter card and are wearing a green glitter hat and have a half ‘pearl’ as a ‘pompom’ adorning their hats. All scotties have ‘gem’ styled collars. The external box is covered with the silver glitter card, and is finished off with a red ribbon.

190mm x 190mm quality white envelope included.

We’re able to offer these cards at a new price because we now have an excellent ‘assistant’ that helps us to cut out all our designs and so it doesn’t take us all day to prepare this product anymore! WooHoo – we can now make more!