Exploding Greeting Card Gold

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The card that can be a gift as well.

Cheer up someone special today, by purchasing these handmade pop-up greeting cards.

You’ll be the talk of the town!

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An exciting way to say Happy Birthday or to just send a cheerful card to a dear friend.

Handmade exploding card measuring 10.5cm x 7cm. Extended wings measure 9cm to either side. When standing measurements are 28.5cm wide. 18.2cm high. Depth 14cm. Excepting the raw materials, all products displayed on the card have been hand created.

Each scottie has been drawn and cut by hand. Tiny gems make up the collars. All scotties are sporting party hats with little streamers attached. The balloons are hand drawn and cut to shape using red, blue and green glitter card, then attached to a scottie by wire. The external box is covered with the same glitter card and a lacy pattern added to all external sides.